2023 Umeadi enters the presidential contest

Professor Peter Nnanna Umeadi, a party leader and former Anambra State Chief Judge, has declared his desire to run for President of Nigeria in the next general election in 2023. In his inaugural address, Umeadi committed to placing Nigeria on the road to growth, unity, and prosperity. On Friday, he revealed this in a letter to APGA National Chairman Ozonkpu Victor Oye. The Anambra leader further said that if elected, his administration would prioritize true national healing.

The so-called ruling elite should learn to put personal interests aside, he added. “Government should be perceived as what it is, representing the masses of Nigerian people, applying and benefiting the largest number of citizens. “I think Nigeria can only be repositioned inside. We should be able to reposition Nigeria in 4 years from 2023 if we all pull up our sleeves and work hard”.

Continuing, Umeadi committed to promoting patriotism, collaborative economic rebuilding, social upliftment, and public and private responsibility. Former Anambra Chief Judge, Peter Obi, stated he has the ability, awareness of history, humility, and self-effacement to reconcile and fuse ethnic groupings together.

2023 Umeadi enters the presidential contest

A Nigeria where justice reigns for all people equally, regardless of ethnicity or status, Umeadi promised. To reach a fair playing field and pre-determined criteria, we should arrive at a good education, inexpensive health care, food security, personal safety, and property security. “Good leadership can bring change to Nigeria. We need to modify our thinking to change our actions. “If I receive the APGA ticket, we can win the presidential election in 2023”, Umeadi said.

The All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) has got its first presidential candidate for 2023. Oye praised Peter Umeadi, former chief judge of Anambra State and professor of law at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, at his Amawbia rural house.

Umeadi was visiting Oye’s house to seek his blessings and officially announce his desire to run for president next year. He was joined by APGA heavyweights including Uju Okeke and Patrick Obianwu, two Board of Trustees members, Ogbueshi Tony Eboka, Delta State Chairman Afam Enemokwu, and Imo State Chairman John Iwuala.

In addition to Ewemere, the delegation included Ebonyi State Chairman El-Stephen Okoronka, Enugu State Coordinator Ernest Biosa, and Anambra State Deputy Chairman Tony Elee. Oye, who prayed for Umeadi’s direction, believes he was destined to run for president after eight years as chief judge. He praised Umeadi as “a nice guy, modest, clever and learned,” qualities he claimed a Nigerian leader should possess.

Umeadi says he’s running because only excellent leadership can bring change to Nigeria. “Good leadership can bring change to Nigeria. We need to modify our thinking to change our actions.

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