Buni confirms the date of the APC convention.

The APC’s national convention will be held on February 26 in Abuja, Nigeria, according to Mai Mala Buni, the party’s caretaker/Extraordinary Convention Planning Committee Chairman and governor of Yobe State.For some weeks, the committee has been under great pressure to announce a date and site for the party’s national convention.

Buni, who spoke at the National Progressives Women Conference on Tuesday in Abuja, encouraged the women to participate actively in the party’s convention and the next general election.

Despite the announcement, Buni has stayed mum on the exact site of the conference in question.The chairman emphasised that women constitute a significant portion of Nigeria’s population and are a source of national pride.

It was he who made the observation that “you are the best supporters of any political party and its candidates.” You’ve always had to stand in line to cast your ballot on election day. As a result, we have high hopes for a spectacular win in 2023.

The party will make sure that this kindness is never forgotten by aiding women and young people in their political aspirations in the future. Without a doubt, they strive to “We look forward to seeing more women vying for office at the party’s 2020 National Convention on February 26th, as well as in general elections.”

Then, as the convention neared, he reminded them of their progressive responsibility to support progressive-minded candidates.

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