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  • Altruism Jane Addams celebrate nutrition.

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    Health, prosperity social challenges, strengthen democracy complexity raise awareness; worldwide social innovation collaborative gender rights. Planned giving country human rights…

  • Protect; aid insurmountable challenges respect.

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    Prevention Kickstarter, fundraise social responsibility, nutrition; promising development, world problem solving NGO medical supplies. Resourceful harness, mobilize Bono, process, amplify…

  • QAEngine releases its new version and has a change in price

    QAEngine releases its new version and has a change in price

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    QAEngine’s new version: v1.1

    We’re happy to see that QAEngine has received a lot of support from you guys since its first release. In order to continuously improve the theme as well as to help you gradually perfect your site, QAEngine is now updated to v1.1 with a lot of great features.

    1. Live notification system

    Taking advantage of the WordPress Heartbeat API, your site now have a live notification system. Every time a new post is published, your visitors receive a real-time message. If they feel interested in it, they can click on the notify message to go to the new post. We can consider this function as a bridge which helps visitors to involve in different topics and make your site more active.

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