CEO Anchoria Asset Management Young People Have No Business

Mutual funds are frequently overlooked or misunderstood by regular investors. However, the sub-sector has grown rapidly in the previous three years. For example, the sub-Net sector’s Asset Value grew 48% from N1.006 trillion in 2019 to N1.494 trillion in 2020.

As well as the requirement for investors to incorporate equity in their portfolio, Ete Ogun, CEO of Anchoria Asset Management (a VFD Group affiliate) discusses the elements that will influence the sub-sector in 2021. I also know HNIs that do mutual funds. There is no other way to make the returns we have, so why won’t you be in them?

CEO Anchoria Asset Management Young People Have No Business

According to SEC data, asset management had a wonderful year in 2020. Net Asset Value increased by 48% from N1.006 trillion in 2019 to N1.494 trillion in 2020. I feel you should not completely leave an industry. You must diversify your interests while minimizing danger. Equity preserves the temporal value of risk.

Nestle shares were N300, then N1500. Imagine the joy of those who bought it five years ago and are still enjoying it now. Then discuss the bonuses. You don’t simply shut yourself out of GTBank shares, some individuals acquired them at N5.

What do you think will be the biggest economic influences on the asset management industry this year? The money market yield, next to the investment channels, and finally the volatility. We should be OK if you can handle that.

Business A.M.’s 2021 Mutual Fund Outlooks and Awards named Anchoria Asset Management (AAM) Fixed Income Manager of the Year.
A thorough quantitative study of NAV (Net Asset Value) data comparing fund performance to conventional benchmarks and active peer groups revealed your firm. “Our study looked at the regularity of the winning funds’ performances,” said Award Coordinator Anthony Alakofa.

Silver Category winners managed up to 500 million Naira in assets (AUM). AAM provides active investment products and services to institutions and individuals. Anchors Fixed-income Fund, Anchoria Equity Fund, and Anchoria Money Market are popular products.

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