First Bank Transfer Code To Other Bank

Quick Banking allows registered users to conveniently make all bank transactions with their phone using the Firstbank transfer code *894#. Firstbank’s transfer code is *894#. With the First transfer code, you may do all your banking from home.

The first bank is a well-known bank in Nigeria, with a reputation for offering excellent customer care. First Bank Transfer Pin allows you to effortlessly transfer cash to other First Institutions or comparable banks. Thanks to mobile banking’s ease.

FirstBank USSD code, or FirstBank Quick Banking, is a service that enables FirstBank account users to rapidly top-up their mobile lines by calling *894*amount#. Before Send Money You Need to Create First Bank Transfer PIn Easily.

Steps To Register for Firstbank Transfer Code

  1. .Dial *894*0# to get started.
  2. A list of disguised debit card numbers that are associated with your account is shown.
  3. Choose your desired debit card from the list.
  4. Enter the four-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN) for the debit card that you want to use.
  5. The pin for Firstbank transfers is a four-digit number that you must create.

First Bank Transfer Code To Other Bank

*894*Amount*Account Number#, For Example, *894*50000*0033997973# Proceed as instructed to complete your payment. To authenticate the transaction, please provide the relevant beneficiary data including account number, bank name, and transfer pin.

First Bank Transfer Code To Other Bank

Dial *894*Amount*Account Number# to make a payment.

Now You Need to Select the beneficiary bank.

Enter the Amount You Send to Other

Fill in the Beneficiary’s name and address and Enter your five-digit PIN number.

After that, just pick the account to debit and you’re done.

This is the quickest and most convenient method of completing this specific bank transaction, and it can be completed from the comfort of your own home using your mobile phone. All that is necessary is the account number that you used when you opened your First Bank account. This is applicable both inside the bank and between the bank and other Nigerian banks.

How To Recharge with Firstbank transfer code

For FirstBank clients, daily transfers and recharges are limited to N100,000. To purchase airtime using the Firstbank Short Code, just call *894*Amount# and enter your PIN. This will buy airtime for your registered SIM card.

To buy airtime or reload your second SIM card, just call *894*Amount*Phone number# and enter your PIN. To check your Firstbank account balance, call *894*00#. That’s it. With your Firstbank transfer code and 4-digit Firstbank transfer pin, you may simply check your balance on the go.

You may also check your Firstbank mini-statement from the comfort of your own home while relaxing in your favorite chair. To do so, just call *894*Account Number# and you will be on your way.

Firstbank Transfer Code Shorts Code

Here is a List of All First Bank Transfer Shorts Code

To register *894*0#
For Mini-statement*894*Account number#
Recharge Airtime *894*Amount#
Airtime for others*894*Amount*Number#
To transfer Amount*894*Amount*Account number#
To check airtime*894*00#
To Deactivate Your Mobile Number*894*911#
For Account Opening*894*0#
To Check Balance*894*00#


Frequently Asked Questions

what is 894 banking?

894 is a fast, convenient, safe, and simple method to do your financial transactions. It is also free. Transfer money, check balance, buy airtime, pay bills, and more using any phone without internet (data). Transact money, buy airtime for yourself and others, check balances, make transactions, and pay bills.

How to Recharge Your Phone Number?

Dial *894*amount#, i.e. *894*200# to recharge your phone with N200. This is achievable with your initial bank account phone number. To recharge other phone numbers, maybe pals’. To recharge a third-party phone number, call *894*Amount*phone number#, for example, *894*200*05566728059#.

How to Block First Bank USSD Code?

Simple as dialing *894*911# from any phone and then entering the phone number (which is tied to your bank account) that you wish to deactivate, and that’s it. It’s as simple as that.

First Bank Transfer Code To Send Money?

To transfer money, dial *894*Amount*Account Number#. Using the example above, call *894*7000*5566867890* to send N7,000 Naira to 1234567890 would be appropriate (Note this is not a real 10-digits NUBAN account number).

What is the first bank transfer code registration?

Dial *894*0#.A list of your account’s disguised debit card numbers appears. Pick a debit card Enter the 4-digit PIN for the chosen debit card. Start by creating a new 5-digit PIN.

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