Mercy Henry, a 35-year-old mother of two, has gone, leaving her father

Mercy Henry, a 35-year-old mother of two, has gone, leaving her father, Pa Henry Ekienabor, 70, perplexed as to what has happened to her.In December of 2021, Mercy notified her family that she would be travelling to Ijegun, a neighbourhood in Lagos State, for a period of time. Pa Ekienabor, the one who raised the alarm, said that the family was concerned since Mercy’s whereabouts were unknown at the time.

For him and his family, the most agonising part was the uncertainty concerning Mercy’s whereabouts. He was under the impression that Mercy was being held prisoner somewhere.Ekienabor, the person who reported the event to the authorities, was dissatisfied with the way the police handled the situation. He maintains that despite the fact that the police have captured a suspect, Mayowa Timothy Bamidele, they are not treating the case with sufficient seriousness.

He also claimed that the police were being overly lenient with Mayowa. “I’m unhappy and sad since I’ve never been in this situation before,” he expressed his feelings. It’s been more than a month and there is still no sympathy. We called her friends and informed the authorities of the situation. According to the authorities, the investigation is still ongoing. Mercy was said to be confined somewhere, but no one could tell us where. “There isn’t nobody!”

“I got a phone call from my son on December 16 informing me that Mercy had not returned home to sleep,” Ekienabor remembered. She had told everyone she was going to Ijegun, but she had not told them who she was going to see while she was there. Mercy’s buddy claimed that she had been heard or seen on the night in question. Mercy had a brief conversation with Ayo, one of her Port Harcourt friends, around midday.

The call came in from Mercy, who requested a loan of N30,000 to help her pay for treatment at a trado-medical home since she was running short on blood and becoming more thin. The cash, according to Ayo, were transferred to a First Bank account in the name of ‘Mayowa Timothy Bamidele,’ which Mercy had given her. Mercy’s phone line was no longer ringing at 2:02 p.m. today. Since then, we haven’t heard from her.”

The next day, anxious family members hurried to the Gowon Estate Police Station to file a missing person complaint for Mercy. The police used Ayo’s information to track down First Bank and arrest Mayowa, the account holder who had received the N30,000.

“Mr. Mayowa’s version of events is contradictory. He said that he first met Mercy four years ago when she had a baby girl at his regular birth centre in a typical setting. He dialled Mercy’s phone number at 9:00 p.m. on December 15.

When you call her phone right now, it is disconnected, but at night, it will ring two or three times before going dead. It serves as a signal that someone has it. In addition, “on December 24, we requested that the case be transferred to SCIID Panti, Yaba,” Ekienabor said.

Deputy Commissioner of Police Adekunle Ajisebutu of the Lagos State Police said, “The subject is now under active investigation at the SCIID.” The police commissioner, Hakeem Odumosu, has upped the effort to track out the woman’s location. The meanwhile, police have detained a suspect who is now cooperating with the investigation.”

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