Nigerian justice minister reassigned by Canadian province

Premier Jason Kenney has asked Justice Minister and Solicitor General Kaycee Madu to step aside in the interim while an investigation is conducted.Madu will be a legal entity as of August 2020. He resigns after being accused of dialing Edmonton’s police chief to request that a penalty for texting while driving be removed off the books.

“In the meanwhile, I have asked that Minister Madu resign,” Kennedy said in a tweet on Tuesday morning. Minister Sonya Savage will fill in for Minister Madu as Minister of Justice and Solicitor General while she is away. He was allegedly fined $300 on March 10, 2021, for texting while driving in a school zone, according to reports. The minister was born in Nigeria.

Nigerian justice minister reassigned by Canadian province

He is said to have spoken with Edmonton police Chief Dale McFee about the citation in question.He was reportedly stopped by an Edmonton police officer for texting while driving. He claims, though, that he was not on his phone, but rather in his pocket. According to court papers, Madu was charged for driving while using a smartphone and paid a $300 fine two days after receiving the citation.

Madu claims that he was not the perpetrator of the incident and that the issue may have been related to racial profiling at the time.”I want to make it clear that I never requested that the ticket be canceled. This is something I would never do. “I regret bringing up the matter with Chief McFee during that exact phone conversation,” Madu said.

Because of the current issue surrounding the Lethbridge Police Service, I wanted to be certain that I wasn’t being unfairly monitored. At the time, I also expressed concerns about racial profiling in the media,” says the author. NDP justice critic Irfan Sabir, though, called Madu’s actions “wholly reprehensible” and asked that he step down.

In a statement, Sabir accused Madu of “political meddling” for “initiating this discourse, regardless of whether he asked the chief to cancel the ticket.” Madu has denied the allegations.A competent independent investigator will be assigned to analyze the relevant facts and determine whether or not there was any interference with the administration of justice on the part of the government.

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